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Choose a date, place and venue for your ceremony. It is also wise to select and book your celebrant early as the most popular dates and times are quickly taken. If you are prepared to be a little flexible about the timing of the ceremony, your chances of getting your preferred celebrant will be greater.

Once you have booked your celebrant, an initial planning meeting will be arranged. By law, this must take place no later than a calendar month  before the ceremony is to take place. At this meeting the key legal documents will be attended to. You should bring your birth certificates plus current passport or drivers` license with picture ID with you, and if there has been a prior marriage then divorce papers or death certificate for the previous spouse should also be presented. In the case of one or both parties having been born overseas, a current passport should also be presented. This meeting will also be used to plan your individual ceremony in detail.

Typically, a second, shorter meeting will take place a week or so before the ceremony. At this meeting the legal work and last minute details of the ceremony will be finalised so that all will go smoothly on the wedding day.


~~ Dr. Trish Vezgoff J.P. Registered Civil Celebrant No. A3788 ~~
Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.