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Baby Namings: A Baby Naming is the civil equivalent of a Christening ceremony, and is often the chosen time for a gathering of friends and relatives to welcome the safe arrival of the family’s latest member. It is often convenient to hold such a ceremony at the family home rather than in a public space. I write individual ceremonies for namings, and also create a personalised decorative candle for the child which is lit during the ceremony. Certificates are also created for the baby, godparents, guardians or special friends, and grandparents. There are many other personal touches that can be incorporated into your ceremony.

Affirmation/Renewal ceremonies are a lovely recognition of a long marriage. They can be a time for a special family get together, often incorporating members of the younger generation.

Commitment ceremonies can either be used where a later, often private wedding ceremony will follow, or they can be a lovely way to publicly acknowledge the union of a same sex couple, for whom a legal marriage ceremony is not yet an option in Australia.

Funerals and remembrance ceremonies form an important way of honouring the life of the deceased. They offer families and close friends the opportunity to reflect on the life and achievements of a person who has recently died. I make a point of informally interviewing close family members at length so as to be able to write a truly personal ceremony that can in some way reflect the life and express the love families and friends feel for the deceased.


~~ Dr. Trish Vezgoff J.P. Registered Civil Celebrant No. A3788 ~~
Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.